Van der Voort Young Plants BV has specialised in the breeding and multiplication of Spathiphyllums for over 20 years. The plants are grown from seed. Van der Voort Young Plants BV supplies the Spathiphyllums to growers who want to produce and supply this high-quality plant material.


Discover our special “musical” range: Bellini, Chopin, Strauss and Verdi, classical composers, well-known and well-loved for centuries.


Discover our great variety of pot sizes and plant sizes: 6.5 cm, 9 cm and 13 cm short models; a 13 cm tall model; a 17 cm pot and a 17 cm dish;


Discover how strong our Spathiphyllums are.


To make your acquaintance with us and our plants and to explore the options, send an e-mail to